The Team

Lucy Elliott

The inspiration and heart of the project, Lucy has been building/working/gleaning/sharing this idea for decades. She has worked with children and families in several different facets - Montessori teacher, ESL preschool and family literacy teacher, Parents as Teachers educator, and history museum educator.

Jen Cantine

Daughter and business partner, Jenni has also been looking forward to creating an environment where families can play and build together. She has a background in Early Childhood Education and general love for tinkering, building, collaborating, and thinking outside the box.

Mark Elliott

Lucy's husband, Mark the Spark Elliott, the driver of The Sprout, the technician, the boat-builder, the magician, the muse. Fondly referred to as Bobo by the grandkids.

The Project Manager

Lucy's grandson knows just where everything is, how everything works, and how everything should work ;) Have a question? Ask him.


Lucy's granddaughter. The true brains behind the operation :0)