About BTB

Belle's ToolBox is the culmination of ideas and materials that Lucy and the team have been collecting over the past couple of decades. With an emphasis on creating something out of nothing. Call it what you like (reusing, repurposing, reinventing, or re-inspiring), we will be using things we have found along the way to give children a chance to explore - with a parent or caregiver - the possibilities of science, nature, literacy, history, art, and community.
What exactly does this mean?
The possibilities are endless. With few "rules" to follow (we do want everyone to have fun), we hope our purpose and processes will be forever changing to meet the needs of the community.

Our materials and activities are geared mostly towards preschool children and older. Children are invited to visit Belle's ToolBox with a parent or caregiver (18 years or older).

Science, literacy, building, and art spaces are ever-present and ever-changing. Much like a library, we have materials and resources in each of these areas that will be rotated frequently. We will have repurposed items for specific activities (changing daily or weekly, depending on the whims of the creators and responses of the community). These can be created/assembled on site and taken home. We ask for a suggested contribution of $3 per visit, $5 if you would like to participate in the activity. While we are not a registered non-profit organization, we want the space to be accessible to everyone; no matter if or what you choose to give, you are always welcome at BTB.

To create community! To have fun! To meet people! To share ideas! TO NOURISH PEACE! [Add your reason here!]