Thursday, December 8, 2022

New Beginnings...

A warm howdy to old friends and new! It's been too long since updating our site, not because we don't care but because we have been so tipsy-turvy in how to proceed. In recent months, Belle's ToolBox has been SO fortunate to serve a fun mix of pods/groups! Late Spring brought a band of sweet 4th graders, Summer brought some Early Childhood staff development sessions, a favorite parks program, children from underserved settings, classes from NorthWestern University, and (multi-generational) birthday parties! Oh, and the fun neighbors who just wandered in... always sweet surprises!

We've had remarkable energy from the MN Reggio Network developed the Loose Parts Lab in the back half of the ToolBox! Folks who were inspired by the gardens and ventured to engage in activities with repurposed materials now can "shop" those materials from the LPL and extend creative learning :) What a wonderful relationship!

Here's where we take the leap... so hold onto your hat! When You see DEC, more than likely you're thinking the next date on your busy calendar. While my husband and I are thinking DECorah, Iowa!! - because we are moving there in the next couple months to be with our young family! 💕

Belle's future is an unknown... We are working on a solution that could keep its mission in place, but until we know.... please be aware, we will not be open for the next several weeks :(

This may be the trickiest note I ever did write! Our ToolBox idea developed from the inspiration I got working with small and tall people... over a few decades! It was an experiment and the best fun of my life... family and friends were most helpful and supportive all along the way 💕

And any that hold a fun memory or little inspiration from time spent here, please embrace, and be certain to pass along the energy!

I still strongly believe that early learning, with an environmental bent ,is what can help mend the deep issues on our planet!! Some may remember, our only "rule" at Belle's ToolBox - You can do whatever you want, so long as you take care of each other! Simple, I know, but turns out - it works quite well! 🤗🤗🤗

Onward and upward in Love 💕💕💕

LucyLoon and Family