Monday, December 6, 2021

Winter Hiatus at Belle's

Howdy, Friends!

A better update for Belle's ToolBox is long overdue...

We've been thinking of you plenty these last few months... But it seems just as we are about to make another shift, new variables come into play. Through the fall, we did serve small pods, LOLA Art Crawl, senior meetings, families, and birthday parties! Nothin' like good folks adding life to the RoolBox 🤗

Given the wintry unknowns and our own family happenings, we are closing Belle's for a couple months. Makes me sad, as young buds and their tall buds are what make me happy!! But I and others will be here and there, gearing up for Future Happenings...

'Til next we see you, stay strong in heart and don't forget to plant peas along the way!

LucyLoon and Crew 💕