Wednesday, October 21, 2020

A little update... and reminder to VOTE!

Things have been in Low Gear at the ToolBox and life has seemed less full because young energy has not been within,,, tooling around ;)

We have, however, had small 'bubbles' visit on occasion,,, wearing masks, socially distancing, having fun! The limited slots are dedicated to past TBox friends and neighbors, so if you've an inkling, email us and we can chat possibilities.

Alternate ideas have been ratcheting up, as well. Most recently, Belle's hosted a couple small gatherings (in the open air of our gazebo) for the purpose of writing postcards to remind folks to Vote!!! Megan, neighbor and leader of her block, did all the hard work,,, locating addresses, materials, and stamps!!! We just enjoyed the fall weather, colors, and chance to write with open hearts! Much thanks to the sweet writers!

Keep us in mind if you want to organize a small gathering,,,
Belle's is hangin in there,,, and we want you to, as well!!
BTB Crew💕