Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Drop-Box Update

Moose Howdies!
To young friends n old in the hood!

Just wanting to check in and say we're hoping you are well!
AND give a big thanks to our young buds who have dropped pictures and notes in our DropBox at the ToolBox gate!!!

Two batches have been delivered (most carefully with gloves) to Healthy Seniors where they are being put in envelopes (most carefully with gloves) and mailed to older friends who are isolated during this time ;)

I was lucky to get a glimpse of some of the work - deeelightful and certain to bring a smile :0)
A few of the names included Charlie, Willa, Simone, Andrew, Georgia, Wyatt, Nels, Nara ,,,which is something to remember - adding your name will add a little cheer n we'll post on our website ;)

So grab some markers (or a quill pen?) and have some simple fun on  paper,,,
so that others can have some simple fun as well!
And contact us if you've any thoughts or questions!

Remember to Plant Peas along the way!
lucylu and crew