Wednesday, October 21, 2020

A little update... and reminder to VOTE!

Things have been in Low Gear at the ToolBox and life has seemed less full because young energy has not been within,,, tooling around ;)

We have, however, had small 'bubbles' visit on occasion,,, wearing masks, socially distancing, having fun! The limited slots are dedicated to past TBox friends and neighbors, so if you've an inkling, email us and we can chat possibilities.

Alternate ideas have been ratcheting up, as well. Most recently, Belle's hosted a couple small gatherings (in the open air of our gazebo) for the purpose of writing postcards to remind folks to Vote!!! Megan, neighbor and leader of her block, did all the hard work,,, locating addresses, materials, and stamps!!! We just enjoyed the fall weather, colors, and chance to write with open hearts! Much thanks to the sweet writers!

Keep us in mind if you want to organize a small gathering,,,
Belle's is hangin in there,,, and we want you to, as well!!
BTB Crew💕

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Drop-Box Update

Moose Howdies!
To young friends n old in the hood!

Just wanting to check in and say we're hoping you are well!
AND give a big thanks to our young buds who have dropped pictures and notes in our DropBox at the ToolBox gate!!!

Two batches have been delivered (most carefully with gloves) to Healthy Seniors where they are being put in envelopes (most carefully with gloves) and mailed to older friends who are isolated during this time ;)

I was lucky to get a glimpse of some of the work - deeelightful and certain to bring a smile :0)
A few of the names included Charlie, Willa, Simone, Andrew, Georgia, Wyatt, Nels, Nara ,,,which is something to remember - adding your name will add a little cheer n we'll post on our website ;)

So grab some markers (or a quill pen?) and have some simple fun on  paper,,,
so that others can have some simple fun as well!
And contact us if you've any thoughts or questions!

Remember to Plant Peas along the way!
lucylu and crew

Friday, March 27, 2020

Drumming fingers? Twiddling thumbs? Put them to work!

Eager to send a Minnesota Moose Howdy from Belle's ToolBox!

We closed two weeks ago thinking that it was the most responsible action for us to take.  Our setting is, after all, totally about being 'hands-on' and 'social distancing' seems an especially strange concept for us!

We, in fact, LOVE to shake hands and hug!!!

The crew has wrestled with how we might best use our 'tools' and have been in contact with like-minded community members.

An immediate action is to encourage children to draw and write messages for seniors in our neighborhood. We have connected with a group that are informed on elders who have support and those who do not. They will put your messages in envelopes, stamp them, and see that they get to homes of folks who could use a little cheer!!

If you could put a 'special message' (or several) in a baggie and leave at the box located by our gate on 34 St (NOT 42nd), we'll pass them along!

Also, thinking the Rainbows in Windows a Lovely idea! Again, if you wanted to leave some at the gate in a baggy, we would distribute to other neighbors we know who might like a rainbow for their window.

Though we are apart, we are together. Have fun, be safe, connect with others in creative ways, express your love often, keep calm, breathe deep, and - as impossible as it may feel at times - laugh as much as possible. We look forward to the time when we can once again shake your hands and welcome you through the doors of Belle's ToolBox.

Be well,
Belle's Crew

Thursday, March 12, 2020

CLOSED (until further notice)

Howdy Friends!

In response to community health concerns, Belle's will not be open... until further notice. We will update our website when our status changes. If you have questions, direct them by email to

Thinking if we all make an effort to refrain from close contact, we will help minimize risks to all. Thanks for your ongoing support of our family project space.... where hands and hearts connect :0)

Be well,
Team Belle's